Gpotato game card generator v2.1

Welcome to our Gpotato game card generator v2.1

We pride ourselves on giving you direct downloads to the cheat tools you want, no Rar files or hidden passwords, just direct single file downloads.

With much success with our previous generator, we are now releasing our gPotato Game Card Generator v2. With this generator you will be able to generate valid game cards that can be redeem for 1,500G. When redeeming the free card, you might get a bonus for 150G for the 1.500G game card. This is just how game card works, if you ever went to purchase one.
This works for your gPotato account, so yes the G amount can be used on all the games gPotato (Free to Play) offers like Luna Online, Flyff, Rappelz, Tales Runer, Aika, Allods Online, Iris Online, Upshift StrikeRacer, and Heroes of Gaia.
Like always, I want to remind you not to abuse the codes.

How to use:

1. Click Scan for Codes and waith for the success message
2. Click generate, and your valid code should appear.
3. Copy the code and redeem your free gPotato game card in the fill up section on gPotato website.
4. Enjoy and Share with your friends!